Unfortunately Apple and Google decided that subscriptions are one of the types of content that cannot be shared through Family Sharing (same on Google Play and Apple App Store). For more information check the Family Sharing article


To share your subscription on other devices, those devices need to be logged in with the Google Play account that made the original purchase before installing the app.

Follow these steps for the extra devices you want to share the EASY peasy subscription:

  • Make sure EASY peasy is not installed on the additional device. If it is, please uninstall it.
  • Log out of the existing Google Play account.
  • Log in the Google Play account that purchased the EASY peasy  subscription.
  • Go to Google Play Store and download EASY peasy.
  • Launch EASY peasy and follow the steps until the screen with the subscription plans appears.
  • If exists: tap on the "Restore Purchases" button.
  • Your subscription should be restored on this additional device.
  • You can now change the Google Play account back to the original one signed into this additional device.